Thomas Thacher (Geistlicher)

US-amerikanischer Geistlicher aus Dedham, Massachusetts

Thomas Thacher (* 1756; † 19. Oktober 1812) war ein US-amerikanischer Geistlicher der Episkopalkirche in Dedham, Massachusetts.

Thacher graduierte 1775 vom Harvard College. Er wurde Priester in Dedham, Massachusetts. Zahlreiche seiner Predigten und Reden wurden gedruckt.

1807 wurde Thacher in die American Academy of Arts and Sciences gewählt.[1]

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  • A sermon, preached in the Episcopal church in Dedham, December 25, 1797 : being the festival of Christmas.
  • An eulogy on George Washington, first president of the United States, and late commander in chief of the American army, who died December 14, 1799. : Delivered at Dedham, February 22, 1800, at the bequest of the inhabitants of said town.
  • A Sermon, preached at the Third Parish in Dedham, January 11, 1801.
  • The danger of despising the divine counsel : exhibited in a discourse, delivered at Dedham, third precinct, September 13, 1801, the Lord's day after the execution of Jason Fairbanks.
  • Sermon, preached at the ordination of the Rev. Joseph Tuckerman, A.M. to the pastoral care of the church in Chelsea, November 4, 1801.
  • A tribute of respect to the memory of Samuel Adams, L.L.D., A.A.S., late governor of the commonwealth of Massachusetts : who died, October 2, 1803, in the 82d year of his age : expressed in a discourse, delivered the next Lord's day after his funeral : published by request of the hearers.
  • A discourse on the errors of popery : delivered in the chapel of the university in Cambridge, May 8, 1805, at the anniversary lecture founded by the Hon. Paul Dudley, Esq.
  • A discourse delivered at Milton, September 9, 1807 : being the day appointed for the dedication of the Academy in that place.
  • A sermon, preached at the Third Parish in Dedham, April 7, 1808 : the day appointed by His Excellency, the governour, for a day of humiliation and prayer, throughout the commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • Two discourses : the first delivered on taking leave of the ... third Parish in Dedham, February 26, and the second, at the dedication of the new house in said parish, March 1, 1809.
  • The principles and maxims on which the security and happiness of a republic depend : a sermon, delivered before the Governor, the Lieutenant-Governor, the Council, and the two houses composing the legislature of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, May 29, 1811, being the day of general election.
  • A discourse delivered on the day of publick fast, April 9, 1812.

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