Even if you are not able to write in German, you still might have to solve administrative problems or want to correct some information. This page tries to give you some support and guidance.

German, English and other languagesBearbeiten

While most native German speakers are able to communicate in English, some are unable to do so, and some will understand you but cannot answer. Please do not hesitate to post your wishes in English on project pages and article talk pages, and there is no need to apologize.

You can join User Preferences (English) and can change the language of the interface.

If you cannot express yourself in English, you can take a look at Users by language. Users listed there may want to help you by translating what you want to say, or they might answer your questions directly. Please first check the user's talk page traffic or last contributions to see whether the user is still active.

Pages to address questions toBearbeiten

Some other contact pages

Localization issuesBearbeiten

  • Localized name spaces may be derived from here.
    • You may write English syntax on any MW site, but you might want to read and interpret links.

Important pagesBearbeiten

Please visit Wikipedia:International Guide.

Similar to English WikipediaBearbeiten

Shortcuts – but content language is German: